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For those who want to keep up on the latest Beyond Intractability postings and, especially, our ongoing online discussion on hyper-polarization, we are upgrading and increasing the frequency of our newsletters, which we will be sending out on Substack, not Mailchimp as before.  (Note: unlike many Substack newsletters, we will continue to offer ours free of charge). Sign up for the newsletter on Beyond intractability or on our Substack page to easily follow what's new in the hyper-polarization discussion and elsewhere on BI each week. Our Substack Newsletter Help page contains advice on how to deal with common newsletter delivery issues.

Accompanying this shift to Substack as our primary communication mechanism, we are cutting back on the materials we post on Facebook, LinkedIn. During the transition period, however, we will continue post our newsletters on BI's various Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter accounts. In addition, BI Co-Director Guy Burgess will continue post information about BI activities on his personal Facebook and LinkedIn accounts where he will also be trying to take fuller advantage of the networking potential of these systems on "personal" pages.