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This homepage is actually the home of three different projects, all of which are trying to help people deal better with conflict -- from the interpersonal to the international -- negotiable and "intractable"-- and everything in between.  Two of these projects, Beyond Intractability (BI) and CR Info (The Conflict Resolution Information Source) are large knowledge bases (which have now been combined into one) containing 1000s of theoretical and practical (how-to) essays, case studies, audio interviews, and other materials written over a period of 20 years by about 400 conflict experts, both scholars and practitioners.  It is like a free, huge, online encyclopedia on the nature of and approaches to deal with simple and very difficult or intractable conflicts.  It is both browsable (by resource type and topic) and searchable and the materials are written in language we hope is easy for everyone to understand.

More about BI |  More about CRInfo | More about the CR Info/Beyond Intractability Integration.

The second and newest project here is Moving Beyond Intractability (MBI). Guy Burgess and Heidi Burgess have created MBI because we believe that the destructive way in which the U.S. and other countries are handling intractable conflicts--both our governments and private citizens--is the single biggest threat to human welfare--indeed, human survival--that there is.  Our inability to deal with conflict  is not only causing violence and war; it is preventing us from successfully dealing with any other threats--be they climate change, poverty and inequality, health care, etc.  MBI is designed to be an exploration, discussion, and set of educational materials designed to empower people to better deal with these conflicts.  Starting in 2019, MBI has spawned the Constructive Conflict Initiative which is an effort to vastly increase the number of people who realize the magnitude of the intractable conflict problem and who begin to do what they can (whatever their role) to help address one or more of the challenges these conflicts pose.

MBI has seven parts.

  1. First is the Conflict Frontiers "Massive Open Online Seminar" (MOOS). The Frontiers Seminar focuses on remaining "frontier of the field" issues that are preventing us from successfully resolving so many challenging international, national, and community conflicts. It is comprised of a series of over 100 short videos and associated text-based materials created by the Burgesses, along with a set of discussions which we hope will be joined by many people interested in cutting-edge issues in the field.  Closely linked to that is the
  2. Things You Can Do To Help Blog which is a set of very short suggestions, backed up by more detailed materials highlighting what individual people -- not just scholars and practitioners-- but people from all perspectives, ages, and walks of life can do to improve the conflicts they are involved in or affected by.
  3. A third part of MBI is the Conflict Fundamentals Seminar, which draws on the BI/CRinfo knowledge base to explore the fundamental building blocks of the conflict field.
  4. Fourth is the Constructive Conflict Initiative which seeks to get many more people involved in the effort to transform intractable conflicts from highly destructive situations to constructive ones, and
  5. Fifth is the related Constructive Conflict Massive Open Online Seminar which is starting in October 2019, as a supplement to  the Constructive Conflict Initiative
  6. Sixth, a Beyond Intractability in Context Blog highlights news stories, editorials, reports and other materials that place the MOOS ideas in context...showing the nature of the intractable conflict problem and what is being done to address it (both good and bad).
  7. And lastly, a Colleague Activities Blog highlights the work of other scholars, practitioners, students, and other professionals who are working in related areas.

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