The Hyper-Polarization Crisis: a Conflict Resolution Challenge

Thinking about what more those with conflict resolution and peacebuilding expertise can do to defend liberal democracies while also helping them live up to their ideals.

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Starting Points: The New CRQ Feature Article and Commentaries

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  • CommentaryApplying conflict resolution insights to hyper-polarization: “When will (we) ever learn?” Carrie Menkel-Meadow
    Long-time conflict resolution scholar and practitioner, Carrie Menkel-Meadow reflects on the many causes of hyper-polarization and suggests new metaphors and approaches for replacing it with constructive, collaborative problem solving. 
  • Beyond Intractability GraphicCommentaryAdding to the call to action — a few more thoughts Connie P. Ozawa
    An exploration of the importance of framing and the need to take control of the destructive narratives that are so pervasive in polarized democracies. We need to replace them with a shared vision for our future -- one that is attractive to everyone including those with whom we disagree.  
  • CommentaryHelping organizations and individuals develop conflict wisdom Barney Jordaan
    An appeal for the conflict field to go beyond interpersonal work to organizational work, particularly in businesses and business schools and an explanation of how peacebuilding "hubs" have been used in Belgium and The Netherlands to "scale up" peacebuilding to the societal level.

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